Rules of Acceptance

In order to protect the reputation of our websites, any organisation will need to pass the following criteria before their listing will be accepted. Bowhunter Websites reserve the right to suspend listings if it comes to our attention that the business no longer meet the criteria.

Location and Relevance to the Community

This criteria exists to ensure local businesses are being promoted rather than, for example, nation wide call centres that do not benefit the local community.

Any business with premises physically located within the bounds of the community passes this test whether it is a branch of a multinational bank or sole trader.

Businesses located outside, but offering a service to, a community will be considered on a case by case basis in order to promote genuinely local businesses and services.

For example a mortgage broker based in one location that travels to other locations to give face to face advice would be eligible to advertise on those locations websites. However a call centre based in London (or even abroad) may technically offer the same service in the area but would not be included on the website.

Legitimate Business Operating Legally

No business should have to compete with another that is operating with an unfair advantage gained by dishonest or immoral means. That advantage typically comes from operating outside of the law or by trading without the need to make a reasonable profit due to by receiving funding, pension or benefits payments whilst working.

In order to support genuine businesses we may refuse or temporarily suspend a listing if we believe a business is involved in illegal, immoral or unfair activities examples of which include:

Promoting Quality

Whilst it is important the website and area offer a wide range of goods and services at all price points, if a business is so poorly run that advertising it may damage the reputation of the website and/or area we reserve the right to refuse or suspend it's listing.

Customer service is often a key factor here and your treatment of Bowhunter Websites representatives will be taken into account.

Direct Competitors

Finally we reserve the right to refuse to list businesses or organisations that directly compete with the activities of Bowhunter Websites, MGC Websites Ltd or any of our websites or who's actions in anyway undermine or otherwise damage our reputation or business.

This is normal business practice, you wouldn't expect to see adverts for restaurant A on the wall of restaurant B.